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About Sandy

Sandy's passion for pottery began in her middle school art class. She immediately fell in love with ceramic arts. This love continued to grow and eventually transformed from a hobby into a business. It was in 1970 when she participated in her first art show held at the Long Beach Museum of Art. There she realized she could make her passion a career. For over 50 years Sandy has created beautiful and functional art to be enjoyed and used daily.  

The Process 

Each piece starts as raw clay.  Every item is thrown on the potters wheel into the desired form, from there the piece is left to dry.  Once dry it is bisque fired. Then Sandy lets her creativity shine by hand painting an original floral design.  Once the glazes and stains have dried it is put into the kiln for a glaze fireing.  Sandy's work is fired at cone 10, wish means the kiln gets to 2300 degrees.  This type of high firing eliminates all water from the clay resulting in a stronger and more durable product as well as giving the finished piece its shine and vibrancy.  Sandy has developed her own style of applying her stains and glazes that allows the design to pop and appear multi dimensional. Her designs are constantly changing and evolving. All of Sandy's work is distinctly unique and one of a kind.  

The Future of Shopping with Sandy 

Sandy traveled throughout California showing her pieces at arts and crafts shows, selling exclusively in person. When online selling platforms became popular, Sandy's daughter began to slowly move some inventory online. Now you can find Sandy's pottery exclusively online.