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What process do you use? 

Sandy's exact process is proprietary. She uses raw clay and throws each item on the potter’s wheel. It is bisque fired to remove all water. Then each piece is glaze and stained by hand with a paint brush. The glaze is a silica based glaze which gives each piece a glossy shine. The stains are mineral based, this means the colors could come out slightly different with a slight temperature change in the kiln. All items are then glaze fired to cone 10, that's 2300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Who makes the pottery?

Sandy Kreyer is the sole creator of each piece. Your purchase supports a woman owned, small business.

Are all items food safe?

Yes! Sandy touches every item multiple times, so for her safety and yours, all items are completely lead free and food safe. 

Can I put them in the dishwasher or microwave? 

Yes, because all pieces were high fired, they are fine to be washed in the dishwasher and placed in the microwave. Thermal shock can happen so it is not suggested to use these as baking dishes, store in freezer, or rapidly change the temperature of the item. 

Do you take custom orders? 

Due to the nature of the materials used and the artist process, custom orders cannot be fulfilled.

I broke my favorite piece, can you duplicate it? 

Each item is thrown on the potters wheel and hand painted, thus no two pieces can be the same. Additionally, my colors are mineral based, so depending on the batch, the colors will vary slightly.